After dragging myself out of my tent as the sun rose over the Lydden Hill circuit the other weekend I spotted this S14 in the distance, parked on the field overlooking the main pitting area. Despite my lack of sleep and zombie-like state I could tell it was something special so I went on over to have a look.

When it comes to enhancing an S14 visually there are many looks you can go for, and what we have here is one of the more distinctive ones. The soft, rounded edges of the Supermade Instant Gentleman aero are a stark contrast to most aero kits that add more aggression to the S14s somewhat plain styling, but it’s a style that works and can work brilliantly if pulled off correctly. The D-Max roof spoiler and Rocket Bunny +30mm over fenders complete the visual package perfectly.

The 18″ XXR 527s are a great choice; I hadn’t seen these wheels on an S14 in the UK before but they truly won me over seeing them in person. Measuring 9.75J with an offset of et20, they are complimented by 5mm spacers up front and 40mm spacers out back to assist with the arch-filling duties. Road holding is dealt with by a selection of parts from Apex, including their Gen 1 coilovers, a selection of adjustable arms and polybushes to tighten up the key suspension and steering components.

Under the bonnet lies a mildly tuned SR20DET, with the intake and expulsion of gases improved with an Apex front-mount intercooler, K&N air filter, Japspeed manifold and a full stainless steel exhaust systsem (with shotgun style tailpipes). Boost is controlled by an Apex Boost Controller and the fuel pump has also been replaced with a Warlbro 255 item. Power is fed through an Exedy clutch which feeds drive through to the welded diff out back.

While it may appear on the outside that this car is a case of style over substance, once you look beyond the pretty exterior you begin to see that strong foundations have been laid for what can certainly become a fantastic drift car. Hopefully I’ll get to see this S14 in action in the future.



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