During my visit to Tokyo Auto Salon 2019, one thing became immediately apparent: the new Suzuki Jimny was the star of the show, with aftermarket companies rushing to push parts for this new model into production to meet immediate demand. As a result of this demand, I have now decided to launch JimnyStyle.

Everywhere you looked at the Makuhari Messe exhibition venue in Tokyo, there was a modified new Jimny fighting for your attention. Lift kits, lowering kits, wide arch kits and even full body conversion kits to turn the little Suzuki into a miniature G-Class Mercedes or Land Rover Defender.

It would be a shame for the ever-growing group of Jimny enthusiasts here in the UK to miss out on some of these fantastic aftermarket parts coming out of Japan, so JimnyStyle is a new division of STREET TRACK LIFE Ltd dedicated to catering for the Jimny market with wheels, suspension and styling parts.

Suzuki Jimny Lift Kit High Bridge First
High-Bridge First parts will be available from JimnyStyle very shortly
Suzuki Jimny Lift Kit High Bridge First
Slice-9 wheels (shown here) are already available to purchase in various colour styles

Personally, I can’t get enough of these awesome little cars and so I would be lying if I said I wasn’t already on the waiting list, (im)patiently twiddly my thumbs and eagerly awaiting the moment I get my grubby hands on one to fiddle with and customise. Stay tuned!



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