First of all, I’d like to apologise for the issues with the site over the last few days. It appears we suffered some form of a hack but everything seems to be ok now.

While digging out a few photos the other day a noticed pictures of these two AE86s at Awesomefest last year. The first is Chaydon Ford’s AE86, looking awesome but a little sorry for itself. I’m not sure who the driver of the second Hachi was, but there’s no denying it was also a looker.

Chaydon’s ’86 is looking particularly special these days and has been featured on Speedhunters and in Japanese Performance magazine as a result.

I’m guessing the owner is a reader of Rich Hudson’s Throwdown blog judging by the sunstrip sticker. Either way, he gave the little Hachi death over the course of the weekend, hurling it into Mallory’s big sweeping corners and tight hairpins.



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