MCR-VTEC Trafford Meet

If you’ve been reading the blog for long enough you’ll no doubt know that I used to be a Honda guy through and through (if the site name hadn’t given that away already!). I eventually moved into the drifting scene as that was what the majority of my friends were into and I felt a little left out in my Civic, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t lost interest in the Honda community. After hearing through word-of-mouth on Sunday afternoon that there was to be an MCR-VTEC meet later on that day I decided to pack my camera and head down.

I first went to an MCR-VTEC meet back in 2010 and thoroughly enjoyed it – since then I’ve always made an effort to show my face as the quality of cars is fantastic and the atmosphere is always friendly.

It’s always great to see just how diverse the Honda scene is as well, with everything from this track-spec EK9 on Rota Slipstreams…

…to this slammed and stanced EG filling up the car park.

I especially loved the little details on this EG; the Backyard Special spoiler definitely adds that extra wow factor to the EG’s otherwise rather plain shape.

It wasn’t until someone else pointed out the rear wiper delete to me that I noticed the R/C car wheel where a traditional rubber bung would be!

Clean and simple is always a great approach to take with EP3s.

The same can be said for Ek9s as well, but the carbon bonnet, front fogs and tow strap really work well on this particular example.

Again, clean and simple hits the spot with this Jordan on Buddyclub P1s.

After taking a quick walk around the car park I quickly spotted this stunning EG that I recognised.

I remember seeing it at my first MCR-VTEC meet and being absolutely blown away by what lay under the bonnet.

Obviously everyone else knew the score as well and as soon as the bonnet was opened a crowd gathered, making it nigh on impossible to get any more decent pictures.

I honestly can’t remember the spec but maybe some of the more knowledgeable Honda owners will be able to tell from the picture below. I’ve also been led to believe that this car has had some serious work done at Garage 786, a place renown for churning out Civics with insane amounts of horsepower.

Andy Peglion was probably the main reason I got into the Honda scene back in the day after meeting him on a night out. He’s had a series of various Hondas since then but here is his latest, an EM1 sporting DC2 Integra wheels (the car has undergone an MB6 hub swap, allowing the fitment of 4×114.3 wheels).

One car I’d been meaning to take some pictures of for some time now was Tash’s EE9 Civic. Unfortunately, prior to the MCR-VTEC meet I’d only seen it at night time but, seizing the opportunity during Sunday’s sunset, I asked Tash to move his car away from the rest so I could get a wide array of different shots. Stay tuned for a full feature on this awesome little car in the next few days.

DC5s seem to be quite an acquired taste as many find themselves more attracted to the older DC2 with its simpler lines and slightly less “in-your-face” aesthetics. I’d still love to own one though.

You don’t see too many UK spec DC2s in Milano Red nowadays so it was nice to get up close to this clean example.

Another beautifully simple EG…

This EJ9 really reminded me of mine back when I had slammed it on a set of Meister-R coilovers while still rocking the standard steelie wheels. I still miss that car to this day, despite having owned an FC Rx-7, E36 325 and an S13 since!

I posted the location of the meet on the Facebook page shortly before setting off and as a result quite a few of my friends turned up in their non-Hondas to see what the fuss was about. Craig from Top Gear Stockport however was actually responsible for letting me know the time and location in the first place – it was great to see his FD Rx-7 back in working order and looking as mean as ever. Stay tuned for a full feature on it in the next few days as well.

I’m not sure who the owner of this Suzuki Swift was but it certainly looked cool sat on a set of Rota GT3s.

This Suzuki Cappuccino was parked up next to the Garage 786 EG that I mentioned earlier and was also wearing some G786 stickers. I’m not sure if that meant any serious work had gone on under the bonnet but it certainly looked fantastic.

Ant showed up in his E36 to check out what was going on…

Seb also showed his face as well, his Mx-5 looking as subtle as ever (!)

Shortly after, Paz arrived in his recently acquired S14; it was somewhat of a bargain considering it was completely standard and had only 50,000 miles on the clock.

It hasn’t taken him long to get it up to speed though: coilovers, wheels, front mounted intercooler, polybushed rear subframe and a welded diff are just some of the modifications performed in the last few weeks.

And last of all, Struggle’s S14 parked up next to my recently acquired S13. We thought it best to park out of the way of all the VTECs so as not to upset anyone!

Overall the meet was a great night out and a good laugh. The weather was nice, the standard of the cars excellent and the atmosphere was brilliant. I’ll definitely be heading to the next MCR-VTEC meet, whenever it may be.