The other day I got a text while recovering from a particularly bad hangover asking if I wanted to head down to a local ClioSport meet. Despite feeling horrendous I thought it’d be worth a look seeing as Clios are often very nicely done and the ClioSport forum members are known for their enthusiasm.

I loved the look of this particular Clio, which ironically was one of the few non-Renault Sport Clios in attendance.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many blue cars in one place! Here are just a few of them.

I actually quite like the look of the newer generation of Clios, although they look quite chunky compared to the older models.

Shortly after we turned up a large number of people started heading off to the TRAX event at Silverstone, which I wasn’t going to be attending.

Once most of the Clios had left it gave me time to study the cars we’d turned up in as I normally only get to see them in the dark at random meets. It also gave people chance to have a poke around my Rx-7 in daylight, which is definitely more of a head turner than my Civic ever was.

Seb’s Mx-5 was looking awesome as usual, and it’s now even louder than it was before (which I never thought possible!)

Sitting silly low on a set of XXRs and with a few subtle visual mods, it shows how simple making an Mx-5 look awesome actually is.

And of course the interior has received some attention as well.

Ironically Ed’s S14 actually received more attention than the vast majority of the Clios, probably because it was the most outrageous looking thing there!

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