Always one to integrate with other car scenes I decided to tag along with a number of my friends from North West Automotive who were convoying down to Delamere Forest for a meet they’d organised there. Clios and VAGs were the order of the day but that didn’t stop it from being a fun day!

The day out started at Lymm services on the M56 where a number of us met up prior to heading off to the forest. As I mentioned before, the diversity of cars was fascinating, with the array of Clios you see above being joined by Ant’s Rx-7 convertible, my Civic and also Jamie’s Zetec engined XR2 Fiesta and Don’s slammed Peugeot that you see below.

The drive took in some really great roads in Cheshire, but unfortunately just after we left the motorway the heavens opened…hard.

As the hailstone came down and the roads quickly flooded driving became treacherous; I can safely say driving a low car in such conditions on narrow roads is pretty terrifying as I lost count of how many times I hit what looked like a small puddle and started aquaplaning.

We all made it in one piece though and set about parking in the forest car park. It was a real shame about the weather as the surrounding forestry was fantastic and made a great backdrop for photos.

Don’s Peugeot is so awesome in its simplicity, slammed on OEM rims with cool little touches like the yellow fog lights.

The Clio Sport guys were out in force, it’s amazing how cheaply you can pick up a clean 172 for nowadays.

Ant made the decision to put his roof up before we left Lymm services, a wise choice considering the rain started a few minutes later!

It wasn’t long before we ended up getting kicked off the forest car park so we ended up relocating to a nearby pub in the middle of nowhere. Cars, countryside and carvery, what’s to hate!?

It was at this stage of the day that a cool selection of VWs made an appearance, adding even more variety to the meet.

I was a big fan of this Lupo rocking the J-Euro look.

This Golf was absolutely stunning sitting pretty on an air ride with what I believe was an S3 engine under the bonnet!

And back to the Clios, this one certainly took the stripped interior thing seriously.

After chowing down on a quality selection of carvery meat it was time to head back home, but only after a quick stop off at Krispy Kremes.

Who needs a personalised number plate when you can have a regular one that reads “FIST ME”!

Meets and convoys like this are always great fun as it’s nice to be able to chill out and have a chat with likeminded people in somewhere a bit more sociable than a supermarket car park…and nothing beats a carvery of course!




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