It’d been a while since I’d attended a Honda only meet; considering that turnouts at regular meets has been a bit thin on the ground recently I wasn’t sure a single manufacturer meet could gain much interest at this time of year. When I heard about the MCR-VTEC Honda meet that was to be held at Trafford Park I decided to make the trip as the previous meets they’ve held have always had a high quality turnout of cars and a great atmosphere.

Unfortunately on the day the weather conditions were terrible, leaving ice all over the roads. For this reason I opted to take my daily driver as I didn’t quite fancy trying to handle a welded diff in those sort of conditions! It didn’t, however, stop stunning cars like this Prelude from making the trip.

It did surprise me to see that the car was an automatic, but it was still great to look at nonetheless.

Clean and simple is always the best route to take when modifying a Honda, something that this stripped-out and track-ready DC2 exemplifies.

Speaking of stripped-out Integras, this DC5 was a sight to behold.

It takes serious balls (and deep pockets!) to strip-out and track a facelift DC5 as they are hardly a cheap car to replace in the event of an accident, but fortunately the owner of this car had gone ahead nonetheless and modified this beautiful example.

Moving away from the Integras, this black EG was also great to look at. Tastefully mixing carbon fibre exterior mods with bronze wheels is always a winning combination.

At the business end of the car though was a boosted D series lump which, while lacking the VTEC of a B, H or K series unit, will certainly provide more than enough power to get this little EG up to some serious speed.

Speaking of EGs, this four door example was beautifully simple. Sporting a Mugen style front lip, 15″ Rota Grids and a subtle ride height drop was all that’s been needed to make it stand out from the crowd.

This red EK4 had also followed a similar modifying route, with the colour-coded bump strips, door handles and EK9 front lip adding to the car’s presence.

Personally I think that colour-coding the EK9 grill, the sideskirts and front fog lights would improve the car even further.

Aside from the paw prints on the bonnet this EG was also very clean! Sticking with the simple and effective theme and with what sounded like a B series lump under the bonnet it’s exactly what you’d want from a Civic. Having personally seen it in action I can verify that it’s certainly no slouch!

While the vast majority of cars present were indeed Hondas, there were a couple of other gems from different manufacturers, this tidy Glanza V being one of them.

Overall the meet was a laugh and a good chance to see some brilliant Hondas. Despite the weather being terrible and the temperature feeling almost sub-zero the turnout was still excellent the atmosphere was great.



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