Even though I might not own a Honda any more, I still enjoy reading the various Honda forums to keep track of build threads…and for the banter of the course! I made the trip down to the infamous South Mimms meet at the weekend just to check things out as to be honest I fancied a bit of a change to drifting…photographing static cars requires a lot less effort!

The afternoon started off at the Watford Gap services on the M1 where a mini-meet was due to take place. The turnout wasn’t as large as it was the last time I went to South Mimms, but it was still good fun.

The standard of cars was already pretty high, with this stanced DC2 being one of the highlights.


This EP3 was absolutely stunning: stripped out, slammed, epic!

The short convoy from Watford to South Mimms was relatively painless. Upon arrival I always find it overwhelming at how many amazing cars are in one place, Chris’ B20 powered EK4 being one of them. Thunder grey is one of the rarest and coolest Honda colours and, combined with a set of white Desmond Regamasters, looks awesome.

Three spoke Advans…retro cool!

This track-look EG was seriously clean.

Aqua Mint EKs are always cool!

Black DC2 with Desmond Regamasters!? Want!

See what I mean about Aqua Mint EKs!?

Stay tuned for more super clean Hondas in part two of my South Mimms coverage in the next few days!



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