The last few weekly Stockport meets have seen a huge variety of cars turn up, but in this post I wanted to concentrate on some of my favourites from the last few weeks.

This R32 Skyline GTR was absolutely beautiful, and with around 550 bhp under the bonnet it’s no slouch either!

The bronze Buddyclub P1 wheels set it off perfectly, making this car a brilliant example of function over form.

After the crushing of his beloved MkIII Supra, my mate Antoni saved up for a short while and came back with some more retro JDM goodness in the shape of a covertible FC Rx-7.

Having only bought the car around 24 hours earlier it was understandably a little rough around the ages, but to be honest with it being sat so low on a set of R33 GTR wheels I don’t think anyone noticed! Personally I can’t wait to see how this car develops, but it’s not going to get an easy life! (Click here to see how Antoni’s Supra was treated!)

As if one Skyline wasn’t enough, this R33 GTR came down to add to the fun.

Packing around 550 bhp from an engine that has just undergone some serious reworking, it again was another purveyor of the function over form.

And last but not least, this pristine Mini 1275GT put a smile on everyone’s face and made a change to all of the big power Jap cars!

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