I knew my exhaust was blowing, but the other night it became a lot worse and definitely needed sorting urgently. Unfortunately for me, my car is so low that I can’t actually jack it up high enough to get my head underneath, so fixing the exhaust in this way was going to be impossible! Fortunately, my friend Jake has an awesome unit with a pit which was an absolute lifesaver, so off I went to have a poke around underneath my car and check out the unit.

As you can probably tell from the above picture, there were some pretty sweet cars there! Other than my Rx-7 (bottom of shot) and Fran’s Mx-5, the rest of the cars are Jake’s. The FD Rx-7 is currently engine-less, but when it was running was rocking 500bhp. The S14a is running and is pumping out a similar amount of power, and the Volvo next to it? Well I don’t know about power figures, but how epic does it look! Towards the left of the picture you’ll probably spot a few sofas, being utilised by those not working on cars. Sofas, a big TV and Anchorman on DVD: sorted!

The above E36 BMW was there to get a new clutch fitted (the original was sat on the floor next to it in four pieces, no less!). Slammed and with an M3 engine under the bonnet, it’s fair to say it’s pretty epic.

I didn’t get too many pictures because I obviously had work to do on my own car, but once I’d finished and pulled myself out of the pit I spotted these propped up against a wall…a pair of stunning Volk GT-Cs. Not exactly something you see everyday over in the UK!



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