The other night while rather bored it occurred to me that I’d never really taken any nice pictures of my car in its current state. I gave it a quick clean and went for a few snaps while the sun was setting which played havoc with my camera’s settings but in the end I think they came out ok…

I’m quite happy with how the car is looking at the moment but I’ve still got a few little things to do appearance wise before I start looking into engine swaps – namely an EK9 rear lip (which I’ve got sat in my shed) and a decent exhaust system.

With the cost of driving constantly rising a small car with a powerful engine is definitely the way forward in order to experience thrills on the road without spending a fortune on petrol and insurance. Hopefully I can get a decent engine in it soon.

The spec list currently reads as follows:

Meister R Zeta-S coilovers
Blox rear LCAs
MB6 front and rear brake conversion (rear drums replaced with discs)
Goodridge braided brake lines
OEM ’96 DC2 wheels
Yokohoma Parada Spec IIs (195/50/15)
Replica EK9 front lip

It’s hardly a groundbreaking spec list but for a relatively small amount of money the car has got the desired look that I set out to achieve – subtle. Hopefully I’ll have some more exciting updates for the car in the future!



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