Sometimes you have to forget about the following day and focus on the night, and for a few of us that meant drinking copious amounts of cheap Red Bulk substitutes, ignoring the sun rising on the horizon and forgetting that we were due to be at our respective places of work in a handful of hours time.

As is always the way with these things, the less said the better…although if there’s one thing we learnt it’s that we should start earlier. The sun rising, birds tweeting and commuters on their way to start an early shift aren’t exactly the distractions/obstacles you want!

Seeing as the chosen locations are hardly photography friendly and that we had little time to waste I wasn’t able to get any particularly great shots, but hopefully these will suffice for now.

All being well we’ll be able to hit up some different locations very soon as I’m hoping the third instalment of my Life On the Streets videos can be even better than the last. The attention that video received has really inspired me to aim higher for this one so all I can say is wait and see.



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