Return of the Cream Leather

After spending the last few months slowly making some changes to my C33, I finally took it back out on the road the other night and have been using it as a daily for a bit to get re-accustomed to it again.

You can check out some of the changes I made over on my Driftworks build thread.

I really do enjoy driving this thing. Other than the occasional noise of fibreglass scraping, it’s just an extremely comfortable yet incredibly potent road car. It’s happy to tootle along at 20mph or, should the mood take you, indulge in some horrendously fast manjis.

The key is good coil overs (HSD MonoPros), proper engine and gearbox mounts (Nismo), stock bushes throughout, a posh 2-way diff and an unobstrusive roll cage. Extra lock is provided by Geomasters up front, while power is transmitted by a slightly heavy but not too over-the-top Exedy 3-puck paddle clutch. Oh, and I guess the full cream leather interior with red chequered floor mats does help a bit too.

It’s a road car that likes to drift, not a drift car being forced to deal with everyday driving. That’s the difference between a drift car you can use every day, and one that you can’t (if you value your sanity, that is).