You may remember the last feature I did on Alex’s S14a (if not, you can view it here). The last time I saw it it was ready to be treated to a whole host of new suspension parts ready for this year’s British Drift Championship; these parts have since been fitted so I decided to meet up with Alex to take a few photos now that the car was back on the road.

Top of the list of things to be changed were the coilovers. The previous items have been removed in favour of a set of Daiyamas, allowing the stance to be dialled in perfectly.

Both ends of the car have been completely revamped with modifications to aid traction and of course, steering lock. Tein steering rods, Japspeed rear toe rods, Japspeed rear camber rods, Japspeed traction arms and Japspeed front lower arms have all been added to help dial in the correct setup to maintain perfect drifts.

The main modification to the suspension setup though comes in the form of Driftworks’ Geomaster 2 knuckles and offset rack spacers which have provided a huge increase in steering lock.

On the inside not a lot has changed; everything is as functional as always. The main additions have been a set of gauges in the centre console (oil temperature, boost and oil pressure) and the gear stick extender.

I’ll be heading to Silverstone this weekend to take some photos of the BDC Licensing Day that will be held there. This will be the first proper test for Alex and his revamped S14 and I’m really looking forward to seeing all the hard work pay off!

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