While moving house the other day I came across a pair of TSW Venoms lying in my garden that had obviously been sat there for a long time. After trying to remember where they’d come from I remembered they were Seb’s drift wheels from Awesomefest and that I’d had to bring them home for him as there wasn’t any room in his Mx-5 at the time. Obviously I had to return them but this also gave me a good opportunity to check out the progress he’s made with his little Roadster since…

The last time I featured this car up close it was sporting a very different look (you can read the feature here); for a start the once black with polished lip Sportmaxx wheels have been painted a very in-your-face baby blue colour. Obviously red and blue are two colours that don’t go together at all, but in this situation it just somehow works.

The overall styling theme is not exactly what you’d call subtle and it’s for that reason I think the outrageous colour combination is much more acceptable than it would be on a car with a much more restrained exterior.

However, it’s back at the rear end where this car has seen most of its recent modifications, some of which have really divided the opinions of those who have seen pictures of it over on the ej9.co.uk Facebook page.

The JDM rear plate recess has allowed for the fitting of a smaller and cooler looking import style number plate…and then of course there’s the inconspicuous pairing of the huge Japspeed BGW and the rear diffuser (from an unknown manufacturer).

A lot of people really don’t like this setup whatsoever and have had no qualms about letting their feelings be known about it, but for me it somehow works. Having driven behind Seb while he’s been at the wheel of his Mx-5 it’s hilarious to just sit and watch the reactions of passers-by; some laugh, some wave, some give the thumbs up and some look on in disgust. If it was attention Seb wanted, he’s certainly got it by the bucketload now.

After taking a few pictures we soon realised that the tyres on the wheels I was handing back where pretty much completely finished anyway and that they were no use to anyone…so what better way to completely finish them off than going to a quiet area, bolting them on and doing some chavtastic burnouts!?

We also quickly realised that, in the 11 months or so that they’ve spent sat in my back garden, they’d also lost a huge amount of air. Ah well, we could always try…

You can take the boy out of Manchester, but you can’t take Manchester out of the boy!

Unfortunately with the tyres being so flat it meant that pretty much all of the rear end of the car was sitting on the tarmac and it also affected the amount of smoke being given off.

A lot of you may be thinking that the exterior mods would slightly more acceptable if the car was packing a lot more punch than the standard 1.8, and to be honest I’d probably agree with you. However, don’t worry; Seb is already well underway with getting everything in place for boosting the little N/A unit. A MegaSquirt ECU is already being built for him as we speak and, as soon as that arrives, the real progress can start…stay tuned!

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