The world of modified cars is awash with weird and wonderful engine conversions; most are done in the pursuit of performance, others are done for practicality and sometimes some are done just to see what will happen! This Mk2 Escort caught my eye at the recent BDC Licensing Day at Silverstone, and that wasn’t just because of the bright yellow paint…

Underneath the bonnet sits a “black top” Nissan SR20DET taken from an S14a that had seen better days, hence the whole car was bought as a donor for a ridiculously small sum of money.

Of course, modifications were required to squeeze the turbocharged Nissan lump into the Ford’s engine bay: custom engine mounts were fabricated and the front slam panel was modified to make way for the front mounted intercooler, amongst other things. The wiring loom was butchered to get all of the electrics working; in fact one of my favourite parts of the car is the Escort dial cluster with the Nissan dials fitted in place of the Ford items.

I could go into more detail with regards to build up of this incredible car but I might as well just point you in the direction of the owner’s build thread as contains many more pictures and a lot more in-depth information on the custom fabrication work involved (I didn’t get many pictures as I only got chance to get up close to the car right at the end of the event when everyone was packing up). The build thread can be found here:

There are also some videos of the car on YouTube:



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