As everyone was starting to pack up for the day and start their drives home from the Silverstone License Day I spotted an opportunity to get up-close and personal with this stunning S14a that had been pounding round the track earlier.

The owner (who I believe to have been Steve Moore) had literally just started to remove the front bumper in order to load the car into the back of his truck, but thankfully he agreed to wait a few minutes while I took a few snaps!

Wearing full aero along with some subtle rear overfenders, it’d be hard to say that the car looks anything short of stunning.

A set of Rota GTRs compliment the exterior perfectly, filling the arches and then some.

Apologies for not having more information on the car; it was the end of the day, everyone wanted to go home and it wasn’t really the best time to start discussing spec lists. However, a spec list isn’t required to appreciate just how awesome this car looks! I love how clean and uncluttered the exterior is and can’t wait to see more of it throughout the year.



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