Apologies again for taking my time with this post, unfortunately things have been as busy as ever over the last week or so. I’m really pleased with the majority of these pictures so I hope you enjoy them! Starting from where I left off in the last post is Mark Loony’s gorgeous Aqua Mint EJ.

The second of two brilliant Thunder Grey EKs present at the meet, both of which made me miss my old one like mad.

Tracked out S2000 looked hard, not too sure on the location of the front number plate though…although judging by the cable ties it was only a temporary measure.

One of the epic non-Hondas present, Lance’s recently acquired R34 GTR was absolutely stunning. You might recognise this car from my Japfest coverage earlier in the year (back when it was in the hands of its previous owner).

It certainly dwarfed the EG Civics that were surrounding it…

…but fortunately they had their own charm.

As equally impressive was this stanced out DC2 and Accord Type-R. Can you guess which one’s on coilovers and which one isn’t?

Dav from Endless Horizon brought down his super clean Jordan which is rocking what is quite possibly the cleanest engine bay I’ve ever seen in person. I don’t need to say much about this car, just admire the pictures.

Proving that you don’t have to have a stanced Honda to look cool was this next bunch of cars, all of which were impressive but obviously in a completely different way.

Proving that you don’t need anything bigger than 15″ wheels to make a DC2 look cool…

The other Lance’s tracked out, B18 powered EK. How hard does that combination of the Charge Speed front lip and the diffuser look!?

For a hybrid, CRZs certainly look cool.

Just a few FN Civics!

The sun stayed out all day, meaning those with the fortune of having a convertible got to enjoy the journey to and from Mimms without their various roofs!

Considering I haven’t owned a Honda for a short while now, I still found the South Mimms meet highly enjoyable and will definitely be attending the next one when it’s held at the start of next summer. Now to sort out the issue of the parking fine I got for being parked at the meet car park for “too long”…

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