I tend to visit Sheffield quite a lot these days and, while the modified car scene there seems quite healthy, it doesn’t appear to be quite as populous as the one in my hometown of Manchester. Even though I tend not to leave the city centre when I’m there, the general traffic noise is frequently penetrated by the menacing rumble of a fast approaching Scooby or the bark of a VTEC engine being driven in anger. There are some cars though that I tend to see pretty much every time I visit, and this ‘bagged MkV Golf is one of those.

The first time I came across it it was wearing a nice set of BBS wheels, although as we’re now well and truly into the winter season it was not unexpected to see it wearing the stock OEM wheels. I spotted it outside the local McDonalds while grabbing myself a tasty hangover cure and, as my camera was nearby, thought I’d nip back and take a few pics.

After spotting the gauges next to the handbrake I could make the assumption that it was in fact ‘bagged and not rolling on coilovers, while the absolutely tiny Momo Team steering wheel made it pretty clear that the owner is keen on following a traditional VW modifying path.

The front lip is also a welcome addition to the front end, adding a little bit of aggression to the MkV’s rounded looks while also serving to take the abuse given to it by speed bumps.

While slammed VWs might not normally be my thing, it’s always a pleasant surprise to see this car each time I visit the Steel City. I was kind of hoping to spot some high powered Japanese machinery while I was there though, but unfortunately the stunning R33 GTR that trundled past me as I walked back to the apartment where I was staying chose to do so while my camera was packed away and I was preoccupied with a bottle of Tropicana!



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