Stanley Green is well known in the South Manchester area as a popular meeting point for modified car enthusiasts and you can be pretty much guaranteed to see some interesting cars there on almost every night of the week. Last Thursday a relatively small meet was organised which, despite lacking in quantity, definitely made up for it with the sheer quality of some of the cars present.

Ant’s stunning E36 was one such car that was in attendance. You may recognise this car from the features I’ve posted on it previously. The 17×8.5 and 17×10 Borbet B wheels definitely haven’t lost any of their visual impact.

I didn’t get much chance to study this Audi A4 in detail but it certainly looked impressive.

While you’re much more likely to see this car pulling some ridiculous angles at a drift day, Ed’s S14 does sometimes make an appearance at static meets like this one.

It’s looking a little beat up since seeing some action at Teesside Autodrome the weekend before but after seeing some of Ed’s Go-Pro footage from that particular drift day I can say the damage was definitely worth it.

Bloor’s Clio recently returned from it’s trip to Le Mans and is still wearing the decals that adorned it for the road trip…

…while Bloor himself showed off his wonderful new hat and modelling pose.

Since posting my feature on it the other day, Seb has repainted his previously lurid blue Sportmaxx wheels in a much more subtle shade of black. Personally I feel it looks a hundred times better and helps to tie the wheels in with the bonnet and wing more seamlessly.

It was good to see Don’s E36 finally slammed and with a much better set of wheels filling the arches; the last time I saw it it was in stock form and looking fairly sorry for itself.

Quite a few old skool Volkswagens showed up as well, with this Mk2 Golf…

…and this stunning Mk1 Golf on a set of BBS’ being my personal favourites.

Keeping up the retro theme was Sam’s AE86 Corolla which received lots of attention throughout the evening.

Saule and Harley showed up a bit later on in their super cool “Lolvo”. A lot of people would be quick to disregard a car like this but personally I think it’s awesome and will look fantastic when it gets treated to its first drift day in a few months time.

And last but not least, Jake’s fantastic 306 GTI-6 “daily runabout”. In fairness though, I guess this could be considered an economical daily compared to his other cars (which include a 400bhp+ S14a, bridgeported FD3S Rx-7 and a number of other weird and wonderful creations).

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed the Aston Martin Vantage parked up next to it; unfortunately it wasn’t cool enough so I didn’t deem it picture worthy…haha.



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