While SUPERPLUS introduced themselves into the aftermarket wheel sector with their brilliant 1-piece design, the German company has now stepped things up a gear with the shift into the exclusive 3-piece forged wheel market. This range is now available in the UK via the STL! shop.

KLX 2 on the famous RWB Rough Rhythm Porsche 993

Two ranges are currently available: the traditional KLX collection (consisting of the KLX 1 and KLX 2) and the somewhat less traditional FSR collection, which currently consists of the FSR 1. All wheels are manufactured in Japan to the highest standards possible.

Being 3-piece wheels, the scope for customisation is endless, with widths of up to 18.0J being available for those who wish to push the boundaries. The forged construction ensures unmatched durability, while the huge array of paint options and finishes should keep even the most discerning customer happy.

KLX 1 on the AP Garage Old & New-equipped Porsche 996 Turbo

As always, finance is available to UK customers. You can view the SUPERPLUS forged 3-piece wheel range on the STL! shop here.

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