A-Bo Moon R32-only Drift Day: 35mm Edition

While I was in Japan I picked up a handful of disposable Fujifilm cameras from the famous Yodabashi Camera store in Shinjuku. I didn’t get the photos developed until many months after I’d returned; the excitement I had when picking up the developed prints and looking through them is what makes shooting on film so special, as I couldn’t even remember taking some of the photos.

Here are the photos I caught on film at the A-Bo Moon R32-only Drift Day at Motorland Mikawa. I took hundreds of digital photos at the event but I don’t think that any of them captured the feel quite as much as this cheap little disposable camera did.

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Japan in 35mm: Part 1 – Daikoku Futo &…

Trying to experience a country for the first time while juggling any sort of camera more complex than an iPhone is always a bit of a hassle but I made a point of making use of my 35mm Pentax while over in Japan in February this year. I got through a lot of film and have only recently made a start on scanning these in to the computer but I feel they are worth the wait. A lot of these photos were taken in more traditional tourist locations but I’ll start off with the quintessential Tokyo tourist spots for automotive fans: Daikoku Futo and Tatsumi Parking Areas.

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