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I spotted this Lexus GS while at Buxton Raceway the other week which wasn’t hard to be honest, how could I miss it!? I really don’t know anything about the specification, but who cares when it looks this badass!? Scroll through the pictures to see a clue as to what […]

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FEATURE CAR: Omair’s EG Civic

In hindsight, organising a photo shoot a few hundred metres away from a football ground on the day of a match probably wasn’t such a good idea. When the ground is Old Trafford and the match in question is one of the biggest of the season (Manchester United vs. Chelsea) […]

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For my first feature car I thought I’d post something a little different to the slew of Japanese cars that fill this blog. That’s not to say I’m not a fan of the Jap scene (far from it in fact), but that there’s something equally as awesome about carefully put […]

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