Rockingham Meihan Drifting TRACK

Backwards Entries & Wall Runs at Rockingham Meihan Layout

The weekend just gone was extremely hectic with a lot of car activities. On Saturday I headed to Oulton Park for a conventional track day with friends, before making the trip down to Rockingham on Sunday for one of their fantastic drift days that featured a replica of the famous Meihan circuit. I’ve got so much coverage to post but you can get a feel for how hectic things were at Rockingham by watching my video below.

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Teesside International Circuit – May Bank Holiday

Firstly, apologies for the lack of thorough blog posts recently. I’ve been determined to get more seat time as of late which means most of my free time is spent spannering, while all of my time at the track is taken up by either driving or fixing the car. Moving cities recently also hasn’t helped but, so long as you’ll forgive the inclusion of photos taken on a phone as opposed to ones taken solely a proper camera (as well as the odd one or two from other photographers), I’d like to try and rejuvenate the blog a bit.

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Purple Haze

A shot I took of Struggle’s S14 at Buxton back in 2011. I’ve missed most Buxton events this year due to other drifting commitments which has been a bit of a shame, but hopefully I’ll be able to make it to some more next year.


Santa Pod DWYB 20/3/13

Believe it or not, when I’m not busy taking pictures of other people’s drift cars, other people drifting or fixing my own drift car I actually like to try my hand at some skidding myself! Last week I headed down to one of Santa Pod’s infamous Drift What You Brung days to give my S13 it’s first proper blast since dropping the SR20 into it. Alex Law rode shotgun for the day to give me some much needed pointers throughout the day and to also help keep me awake on the long drive there and back.

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Sweeps’ AE86

As the number of drifters continues to rise within the UK, demand is higher than ever for organised practiced days and competitions. With the organisation of an event comes a great deal of hard work and hassle; something a limited number of people are willing to put up with. Imagine then, trying to organise and run the UK’s biggest drift championship, finish your project car and then, on top of that, trying to get a bit of time behind the wheel yourself. Welcome to the world of Mark “Sweeps” Buckle, a man who has not only been at helm of the British Drift Championship since its inception in 2008, but also in charge of the spanners when it came to putting together this incredible AE86 (a build that started way back in 2007). Oh, and he can skid pretty good as well…

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