Mark E36 HM-Sports STREET

An E36 With a Difference: Mark’s Saloon Drifter

E36s in the UK drift scene often get a lot of stick and, sometimes, it’s for good reason. There seems to be a very fine line that separates well-presented, almost show standard cars from mangled missiles that are fit for the scrap heap, complete with their fluorescent coloured OEM wheels and amateur graffiti sprayed up the sides. When you do see an E36 that walks this fine line between presentability and balls out usability though, the result is often fantastic. Mark Hughes’ Saloon is one such example.

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Team S1 R32 TRACK

Drift Matsuri 2016 at Anglesey

Even though I wasn’t drifting at this year’s Drift Matsuri, I still decided to make the trip to spectate. I haven’t missed an Anglesey Drift Matsuri since the first event three years ago and, be it destroying Dan Joyce’s clutch on the big track in 2014 or waking up in a camper van full of drunken Irish chaps before giving a media briefing while extremely hungover back in 2013, I’ve always come away from each event with some daft memories. To be fair, this year was no exception.

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