Motorland Mikawa S14a STREET

The Motorland Mikawa Car Park

I’m still playing catch up on blog posts from my Japan trips so you’ll have to bear with me while I work through them them one by one!

This batch of photos was taken in the Motorland Mikawa car park in March 2016, just after I had parked the Mazda Demio hire car while trying not to get too excited over the sound of RB20s and RB25s coming from the circuit a few hundred metres away.

The cause of the noise was the annual A-Bo-Moon R32-only event, so it took some self restraint to spend a few minutes checking out some of the cool cars in the car park before walking up to the track.

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Meihan S15 TRACK

Cleaner than Most: an S15 at Meihan

I didn’t know too much about this S15 or its owner when I stumbled across it in the pits at Meihan Sportsland last September but I knew I needed to take a closer look. The type of cars present on this particular mid-week practice day generally fell into one of two categories; either they were competition spec cars that were being tested prior to upcoming major events, or they were slightly more battered and bruised practice cars. There were a handful of super clean street cars in attendance though that were also being thrashed on track, with this Silvia being one of them.

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Stacked MA61 STREET

A New Zealander Abroad: Ewan’s MA61 Celica XX

If you venture away from the likes Tokyo and Yokohama and find yourself at a car event in a more far-removed location, you’re quite likely to be the only Westerner in attendance. While I was at the Ultimate Royals event in Kobe back in September I thought I was the only tourist within the locale (complete with my sunburn and thumping headache) until a Kiwi chap walked by me and struck up conversation.

As it transpired, his name was Ewan and he was one half of the Osaka-based Stacked Inc. export company. Even more interesting than that though was his immaculate MA61 Toyota Celica XX that was parked up within the show, complete with stunning paintwork and an unmissable supercharger setup sitting atop the 1UZ V8 lump.

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Backwards Entry Master VIDEOS

Backwards Entry Master: Kunihiko Teramachi

When I visited Meihan Sportsland back in September there was no end of D1 and Formula Drift Japan drivers laying it down in the expert class. However, there was one driver in particular who was consistently throwing down the biggest entries and closest wall runs, lap after lap. Kunihiko Teramachi was unstoppable in his PS13 practice car (the same car that he has previously won D1SL events in) and stole the show; it was mad to think that this was just a bit of simple mid-week practice for these guys. You’d struggle to find such a talented grid of drivers at a practice day anywhere else in the world, that’s for sure.

A-Bo Thug Life Uncategorized

When Drift Life Meets the Thug Life

I was going through some of my video footage the other day that I took at this year’s only R32-only drift day when I noticed a split-second frame of A-Bo-Moon team leader, A-Bo Satsukawa, glancing at me as he ran the Motorland Mikawa wall. I thought this was too much of a good opportunity to pass up on throwing together a typical thug life video – you can enjoy the end result below!

If you’re wondering why they’re running the Motorland Mikawa circuit in reverse, it was purely because it was towards the end of the event and the guys wanted to shake things up a bit. Standing on the pit wall and watching a train of screaming R32s hurtling towards you was pretty awesome to say the least.