Sukhy C35 STREET

Sukhy’s C35 at STL 2

And I thought my C33 was a pretty large car to be throwing around! Sukhy drove his C35 up from the Midlands to Driftland in Scotland for STL 2 and spent the whole of Friday chucking his RB25 powered Laurel around the hugely enjoyable circuit. I had a bit of a nosey around his car while he was wandering around the pits somewhere, so check them out below.

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ex-Supermade C33 Drifting at Meihan TRACK

ex-SuperMade C33 Laurel at Meihan

Some raw footage that I filmed of the ex-SuperMade C33 Laurel drifting at Meihan Sportsland last month. It looked like the new owner was having a blast getting to grips with what was one of the more unique cars to compete in Formula Drift Japan. I must admit, I have thought about replicating this colour scheme (or one very similar) on my own C33. Decisions, decisions!


C33 Cherry Blossom

Due to the rarity and scarce availability of the fibreglass bumpers, side skirts and bonnet on my C33 Laurel, it was decided pretty early on that moulds would be taken of all of them should replacements be needed (if you’ve seen me drifting, you’ll probably understand why). I’ve now received all of the original pieces back and the car has been treated to a fresh paint job thanks to Karl and Mike at BM Autobodies, so I thought I’d make the most of the emerging blossom and try to take some quintessentially Japanese photos.

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