A Night Out with the Boys

I’m really lucky in that I’m surrounded by modified car culture pretty much all the time. From driving such cars every single day to hanging out with friends all the time, there is a constant flow of things to see and photograph. The day after the P10 Primera afternoon that I wrote about in my last post, I was leading a train of MX5s in the middle of the night to a potential stunt spot that we found on Google Maps (while secretly wishing I wasn’t in a FWD car for this particular evening).

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Rockingham Meihan S14 & Sileighty TRACK

Meihan Sportsland…but at Rockingham

First of all, apologies for the delay with this blog post! I’ve spent the last couple of weeks releasing videos from this event before posting any words, which leads me onto my second point. If you haven’t watched my video from Rockingham’s Meihan layout the other week, check it out before reading any further. It should help to give you some insight into the type of drift day that this ended up being.

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Driftworks Hilux TRACK

Driftworks Hilux feat. MX5

There are so many theoretically crazy builds out there. I say  theoretically because plenty of them still exist (and will always exist) in an unfinished state, waiting for those precious moments of effort to finish off that wiring loom, fabricate those engine mounts or even fit the bodywork. Many of these projects get passed around and are sold on in their respective unfinished states until someone either pulls their finger and gets the job done, or pulls everything apart to sell the individual components to live a more fruitful life elsewhere.

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Buxton Weekender 2017 TRACK

Back in the Oval: the First Buxton Weekender of…

It was time to go drifting for the first time since New Year’s Eve! Well, when I say that I mean spectating some drifting. Considering my track record at the unforgivable Buxton circuit and my crashing tendencies I didn’t fancy ruining another one of my cars, so I headed to Buxton Raceway to watch some of the lads who were driving. At least it wasn’t raining but, as always, it was freezing cold.

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Owen Davies Mx-5 TRACK

The Cream Team

Will Ashcroft and Owen Davies with their Mx-5s at Three Sisters last summer.

Will Ashcroft Mx-5

Owen Davies Mx-5