P10 Primera Oulton Park TRACK

SR20 P10 Primera On-Board at Oulton Park

Drifting was once known as a budget form of motorsport but, with the current way the sport is changing and after recently discovering the simple joys of a regular circuit day, I’m beginning to see that a more conventional track¬†event can be enjoyed on a shoestring budget.

I’ll go into more detail in my upcoming blog post regarding the day in question but, for now, here is some on-board footage from my friend Mat’s P10 Primera during Saturday’s track day at Oulton Park.

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VIDEO: Honda VTEC Challenge at Oulton Park

You may remember that in my earlier posts about the VTEC Challenge round at Oulton Park I mentioned I was working on a short video that I filmed throughout the day. I finally got round to editing everything and uploading it so enjoy! It’s a little rough around the edges but the most important thing is that you get to listen to lots of VTEC!

(If you’d prefer to watch the video on YouTube, click here)


EVENT: VTEC Challenge at Oulton Park

The VTEC Challenge is a new race series for 2011 that was setup to encourage Honda drivers into the forays of motorsport and track driving. I must admit, it was refreshing to see stripped out, roll caged Type Rs on semi-slicks hitting up the track as opposed to some of the stance queens that have been cropping up recently. I’ve not got a problem with the stance thing at all, I think it can look great, but every time I see a Type R with stretched tyres, mega camber and sump-scraping ride height I just feel that Honda’s hard work has gone to waste.

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