Chris S14a STREET

The Low Factor

Chris Brace’s super cool S14a is about as low as S14s come, with the OEM¬†bodywork and R33 wheel combo being a fantastically simple look. He drives it hard too; I’ll upload some video footage in the near future.

Chris S14a



Jonny came to visit this weekend and ended up helping me butcher the loom on my PS. His S13’s looking cool with new skirts and 17×10 Dare RS’ out back.


R33 x 4

You don’t get to see many four door R33s these days, especially ones as cool as this one that I saw parked up at Trax. I believe this example belongs to Team Rampstyle’s Brad “SmileyBrad” Wallbank’s girlfriend and is on air ride – a pretty cool setup indeed.