Rockingham Meihan S14 & Sileighty TRACK

Meihan Sportsland…but at Rockingham

First of all, apologies for the delay with this blog post! I’ve spent the last couple of weeks releasing videos from this event before posting any words, which leads me onto my second point. If you haven’t watched my video from Rockingham’s Meihan layout the other week, check it out before reading any further. It should help to give you some insight into the type of drift day that this ended up being.

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Rockingham Meihan Joss ER34 TRACK

Hop Out the 4-Door with a .44 it was…

Another video from last weekend’s Rockingham Meihan event, this time with Joss in his ER34 Skyline. The car is incredibly basic with just coilovers and steering rack spacers to note amongst a very sparse spec list; not that you would have known it though thanks to Joss’ very aggressive driving style. It proved to be too aggressive for the RB25 gearbox though, which promptly exploded during one of Joss’ afternoon sessions, leaving a huge hole in the side of the box and causing a small fire in the process.

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Motorland Mikawa S14a STREET

The Motorland Mikawa Car Park

I’m still playing catch up on blog posts from my Japan trips so you’ll have to bear with me while I work through them them one by one!

This batch of photos was taken in the Motorland Mikawa car park in March 2016, just after I had parked the Mazda Demio hire car while trying not to get too excited over the sound of RB20s and RB25s coming from the circuit a few hundred metres away.

The cause of the noise was the annual A-Bo-Moon R32-only event, so it took some self restraint to spend a few minutes checking out some of the cool cars in the car park before walking up to the track.

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