Rockingham Meihan Joss ER34 TRACK

Hop Out the 4-Door with a .44 it was…

Another video from last weekend’s Rockingham Meihan event, this time with Joss in his ER34 Skyline. The car is incredibly basic with just coilovers and steering rack spacers to note amongst a very sparse spec list; not that you would have known it though thanks to Joss’ very aggressive driving style. It proved to be too aggressive for the RB25 gearbox though, which promptly exploded during one of Joss’ afternoon sessions, leaving a huge hole in the side of the box and causing a small fire in the process.

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Sukhy C35 STREET

Sukhy’s C35 at STL 2

And I thought my C33 was a pretty large car to be throwing around! Sukhy drove his C35 up from the Midlands to Driftland in Scotland for STL 2 and spent the whole of Friday chucking his RB25 powered Laurel around the hugely enjoyable circuit. I had a bit of a nosey around his car while he was wandering around the pits somewhere, so check them out below.

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Grand Slam Underdog

Freddie Sharvell’s RB powered S13 parked up in the pits at Birmingham Wheels during the UK Grand Slam event a few months ago. Such a clean and simple car but with a really effective recipe of parts – Freddie drove awesome throughout the whole event and was unlucky not to progress further in the battles.