Norfy’s Southern Style Sileighty

There are many people within the UK drift scene who change their car as often as they change their shoes, with boredom, the want for something different and inevitable damage as a result of drifting all being key factors as to why this is. However, there are some people who pick a car and soldier on with it, getting to know all of its foibles, characteristics and qualities better than anyone else could. Mark “Norfy” Norfolk has owned this Sileighty since 2010 and has overseen its transformation from a fairly basic CA18 powered UK 200SX to the misfit creation that it is today.

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Joe’s S13 Onevia

I’m still working my way through my pictures from the two days of drifting at Buxton but bear with me as I’ll post the first batch up shortly! I’m moving house in the next couple of days so as you can understand things are pretty hectic but I’ll still try my best to get them up in the next few days.

For the time being though, here is one of my favourite shots from Buxton: Joe’s S13 Onevia mid-drift in the rain. As I mentioned in my previous post, keep an eye out for a full feature on this car in the next few weeks!

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