STL Christmas Mega Combo Pack SHOP NEWS

Merry Christmas from STL!

Merry Christmas! I’m really not a Christmas person but head over to the STL shop where you can find a new updated Christmas merch mega bundle; t-shirt, beanie, mechanics gloves and lanyard for ¬£40 when ordered between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day! I’ve also just restocked HM-Sports E36 Roof Spoilers (Coupe & Saloon types), plus there are also loads of discounts to be had with 326POWER UK parts too, so keep an eye out for them. Thanks again for all of the continued support – all orders for in stock items will be dispatched on 28th December!

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STL Mega Combo Pack SHOP NEWS

Black Friday & Cyber Monday (!?) STL Combo Pack…

I don’t really know anything about Black Friday or Cyber Monday but it seems like everyone’s at it, so I’ve put together the STL combo pack to end all combo packs, dropped the price and then dropped the price some more for the next few days!

Included is an STL t-shirt, mechanics gloves, beanie, lanyard and a couple of stickers. Save yourself a good wedge of cash by buying them altogether in one go! You can pick them up in the shop here.

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Destroy or Die PS13 STREET

Destroy or Die: Dan’s PS13

Now I think about it, Dan of Destroy or Die couldn’t have built a more suitable car to represent his company’s name. His PS13 has lived a long and somewhat difficult life but, since Dan’s rebuild and recent addition of an SR20, this Silvia is experiencing a new lease of life (I so nearly used the phrase “Die Another Day” but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Too obvious). These are some photos I took at STL 2 at Driftland back in July.

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STL 2: the Movie

Well…sort of. While I may have not released¬†a cinematic epic, what I have put together is 24 minutes of raw footage from the STL 2 event that I held at Driftland last month. Sit back and enjoy watching a bunch of mates in super cool cars having the best time on track with each other.

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