Ultimate Stance 2017 Bosozoku Sunny STREET

Ultimate Stance 2017

Ultimate Stance isn’t the sort of event I’d normally find myself at. In all honesty, I very rarely attend anything car related that isn’t a drift event or the occasional meet. While I can appreciate why some people might not enjoy indoor shows, I feel it’s a bit short-sighted of us (myself included) to limit our appreciation of our varying native car scenes. When you only surround yourself with people who are into one thing and one thing only, it’s all too easy to get tunnel vision and begin to struggle to appreciate the work of others that really does deserve some acknowledgement.

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Lost Amidst a Sea of VWs

I spotted this cool PS13 in the car park at Ultimate Stance the other weekend, surrounded by a sea of VWs and other stanced cars. It’s not normally the sort of show I’d go to but I was working on the WORK Wheels UK stand all day so thought I might as well spend some time checking out a part of the modified car scene that I don’t get to familiarise with too often.