Stockport Continued…

Apologies for being a bit quiet recently, the last few days have been pretty peaceful but everything’s back to normal in the next few days! I’ve got a shoot lined up for another feature car this weekend and then I’m off to the South Mimms Honda meet; I’m sure 300+ Hondas will keep you all happy! But for now, here are a few more pictures from the last few Stockport meets.

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Stockport & Trafford

Rather than post them separately I thought it best to post some of the pictures from the last few meets all at once. The turnout at the last couple of Stockport meets has been massive and there has been some amazing cars on show, things are definitely picking up since the weather’s been getting nicer. On Saturday night there was a somewhat smaller and more intimate meet at Krispy Kremes in Trafford which was also great fun; sun, cars and doughnuts, what’s not to love!?

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