Y32 Cedric STREET

An Update on Cedric

I’ve not posted anything substantial about my Nissan Cedric since August 2016 (see that post here) so I felt it was time I brought everyone up to speed now that I’ve been posting more photos of him (I’ve never been able to refer to the Cedric as “it”, only “him”…I know, I know) as of late.

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Tooley Rocket Bunny S15 STREET

Garage 21 Rocket Bunny S15: Tooley gets Yabaking’d

On Sunday I found myself at the Japanese Performance show in Coventry which, to be honest, felt like a bit of a welcome break considering pretty much every event I go to nowadays is drifting-related. I’ll post up a photo dump from the show shortly but, in the meantime, here are some photos I took of James Tooley‘s Garage21 S15 during an impromptu photo shoot after the event had finished.

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326POWER Yabaking Spoke SHOP NEWS

Got Dish? 326POWER Yabaking Spoke Wheels

When I launched 326POWER UK under Street Track Life’s umbrella just over a year ago, I wasn’t entirely sure if it would progress beyond selling the Japanese company’s range of smaller accessories and merchandise or, as I hoped at the time, it would mutate into its own entity. As time has passed, the latter has definitely become the case and 326POWER UK has begun to stand on its own.

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Paul S14a STREET

An S14 with Something New

When it comes to the S14, a chassis that has been modified by countless people around the world for the last two decades, it can be quite hard to stand out from the crowd. If you’re not building a car for competition drifting use or following a strict “2001 style” build formula, the world is quite literally your oyster when it comes to choosing which aesthetic route to take with your car. While it features many quintessential S14 elements, Paul’s S14a that was on display at the British Drift Championship yesterday had a unique trick up its sleeve.

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