Retro cars are (and always will be) cool, it’s a fact. Everyone loves to see a pristine, well preserved and original classic passing by in the street but how about things in the modifying scene? With the recent explosion of the stance “movement” retro motors have become more popular than ever amongst us like-minded individuals, with the age-old recipe of lowness, small and wide wheels and excellent fitment being the key ingredients to the perfect look. Tash has followed that recipe to the letter with his EE9 Civic and, as you’re able to see in the pictures below, the result is rather brilliant…

To the casual observer the car ticks all the right boxes straight from the off: lows, width, fitment and a smattering of cool little features are all it takes for this piece of retro J-tin to draw in the crowds at meets.

Tash has actually been pestering me to get a few pictures for months now so when we finally managed to catch up with each other during daylight hours at the recent MCR-VTEC meet I took him up on the opportunity. Due to the aforementioned crowds however, I did have to ask him to move the car elsewhere just so I could get some shots without peoples arms and legs in the way.

Starting with the basics, the car is decked on a set of Avo GTZ coilovers, maxed out at both the front and rear ends of the car. Fortunately I don’t think Tash needs to go any lower…for now!

Moving onto the next key ingredient of wheels and this was definitely a decision Tash wasn’t going to take lightly. After umming and ahhing over various sets of XXRs his decision was eventually made for him when his girlfriend surprised him with the set of BBS replicas you see in the pictures.

Measuring 8″ wide all round with an offset of et15 up front and et5 out back, the matte black finish has been brilliantly accented by the gold plated hardware and Muteki Neon Chrome wheel nuts. Considering the last things I received from a girl were some rather dodgy looking marks on my neck, a walk home at the crack of dawn and mixed feelings of pride and shame I think Tash is a very lucky boy indeed!

Moving away from the stance and wheel fitment for a minute it’s time to take a look under the bonnet. Those who know their Hondas will know that these little EE9s came with the rev-happy B16A1 lumps that many often think were reserved for the much revered and JDM-only EF9, the favourite of the Japanese Kanjo Racers.

In keeping with the Kanjo racer ethos, the B16 is limited to breathing modifications only. Induction is handled by the Japspeed long arm induction kit while exhaust gasses are passed through the 2.5″ manifold-back exhaust system which is accented with a 3.5″ tip; no cat, no silencers, just raw VTEC noise.

Moving onto the interior and, in true Kanjo style, there is only one word for it: stripped (not to be confused with the classic Christina Aguilera album of the same name. Don’t deny it guys, that thing had some belters on it). Not even the doorcards survived Tash’s weight-saving mission, with the only luxury being for himself: a super rare, limited edition Recaro seat. I am told that this is only one of five in the world and was plucked from a Porsche display car. I haven’t been able to verify this just yet, but I can say for sure I haven’t seen one like it before.

It may be basic and lacking a spec-list that rivals a small novel in length I actually think that’s the beauty of retro cars such as this Civic. Simply building on the classic style with a few visual modifications is the key to success as mentioned at the start of this feature, while any minor additions just help to build the car’s character.

I’m not sure what Tash’s future plans are for his EE9 but I am sure whatever they are they’ll just serve to add to the car’s character, uniqueness and outright coolness. It’s amazing how such a basic recipe can give such a great end product but in this case it really is a case of simple mods, big results.


Spec List:


OEM bodywork


Gloss Black roof

Rolled arches all round




Japspeed Long Arm Induction Kit

2.5″ manifold-back exhaust

Rocker cover resprayed Spoon Yellow

Stickerbombed plug cover



Avo GTZ coilovers

15″x8″ BBS replicas (et15 fronts, et 5 rears with 195/45/15 tyres all round)

Muteki Neon Chrome wheel nuts

Front upper strut brace



Door cards and rear interior removed

Recaro drivers seat

Sparco harnesses

Dildo gear knob

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