It’s rare to see any kind of drift train (or, for the purpose of argument, shall we say a large group of cars drifting in close formation at any given time) in the UK outside of Buxton, which is a real shame considering the standard of cars and driving ability that litter everything from our national championship through to grassroots events. There are a number of reasons that are unfortunately the cause of this, with health & safety and insurance between two prime examples that come to mind.

However, every now and then you do see a glimmer of a drift train emerge which, despite having a high chance of being against the track rules, will no doubt please all of those watching. As I was sat in the crowd at the first round of last year’s BDC at Teesside I noticed a group of the Super-Pro drivers heading down the back straight (led by the WKD Imports guys) and quickly fumbled for my camera. While it may not be a patch on the sort of thing you’ll see on a random Meihan/Bihoku video any time soon, it as at least a step in the right direction I suppose!



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