After fitting HSD coilovers to my S13, the obvious step to take next was, of course, some proper wheels. I’d been searching for the right set ever since I took ownership of the car, holding out until I found the perfect ones (very uncharacteristic of me!). Eventually, they appeared: a set of 16×8 et10 Rota Grids, 4×114.3 pcd, nearly new tyres all round and a very reasonable price. I couldn’t resist, and so after a couple of PMs on the Driftworks forum and a quick courier booking, I had them sat on my driveway.

After slapping them on as quickly as I could I was extremely happy with the result. The car actually came with a set of hubcentric spacers on the front so the fitment will be pretty much spot on once I’ve dialled in a little bit more camber. As for the rears and the arches definitely need to see some attention from an arch roller and/or some scaffolding. Once they’ve been rolled and slightly flared I can go all out and bolt on a set of spacers to get them filling the arches properly.

Overall though I’m really happy with the look so far. Obviously there’s still a long way to go to get this thing looking and driving brilliantly, but I think I’ve made a big step in the right direction. Please excuse the not-so-brilliant pictures as well, I took them while rushing to a local meet.

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