Progress has been made once again with my S13, and this time it has been in a pretty crucial area for a drift car: steering lock. It also received a lick of paint to the front bumper, so for the first time in a long while I can say I actually have a car that is (basically) all one colour!

Having finally fixed the window mechanism in the original white door it was only the black pre-facelift bumper that was breaking up the colour scheme. I must say a massive thanks to fellow blad Harley for correcting this issue for me, as after a couple of hours and a few cans of paint later I had a white front bumper and a slightly less conspicuous car.

Now that everything was looking good, it was time to address the steering lock…or rather lack of it. Obviously I don’t have the funds for custom knuckles, nor does my current ability warrant the need for them, so I kept it simple with a pair of Japspeed Tension Rods and Full Steering Arms (which have a 5mm rack spacer built-in on both sides). These have made a very noticeable change to the amount of lock available and, while I haven’t had chance to go drifting with the car since installing them, I can safely say they definitely make parking easier!



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