Unfortunately I never got to go to the South Mimms part 2 Honda meet but I made sure I spent my time doing something just as awesome…namely, spending two days at Buxton Raceway to watch the drifting action! Grassroots drifting is always a good laugh as the drivers are friendly, the cars are awesome and the atmosphere is a lot more relaxed than at events such as the British Drift Championship. You’re also able to go for passenger rides with some of the drivers, so big thanks to Joe in his Nissan S13 Onevia for taking me out for a couple of laps! More to come on Joe’s car later…

I never intended to record any footage but in the end some of the vantage spots I got in the middle of the track were too good for me not to film anything, so here’s a quick video of what went down on the Sunday during the Open Drift Championship:

(If you’d rather watch the video on YouTube, click here)



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