90s BTCC meets Show Car: Volvo 850R at Fitted UK

I wasn’t able to visit the Fitted UK event in Manchester a couple of weeks back but, fortunately for me, resident STREET TRACK LIFE contributor Laurie Southern was able to get some early-doors access to the show before the public were allowed entry.

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Church Hangs 2019

Over the past few months I’ve been fortunate enough to attend all manner of car-based events, from the likes of supercar cars & coffee gatherings to the most recent round of the British Touring Car Championship at Oulton Park. I feel it’s important to sample as many flavours of the […]

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2019 Church Meet Video

Summer means meets at the “Church of v8illuminati”. Street driven drift cars returning from a day at the track, owners hanging out and eating chips. Good vibes.

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STL! x 326POWER UK x s.d.f Mercedes C-Class

As I’m about to click “Publish”on this post, I’ve just realised I never wrote an introduction post regarding this particular car and how it ended up in the STL! line-up. Needless to say, I’ll save that for another time but, for now, here are some photos that Laurie Southern shot […]

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STL Garsworth Classic Car Show

Gawsworth Classic Car Show

Variety is the spice of life. After taking one look at Cadwell Park’s weather forecast when I woke up the other week and subsequently abandoning my plan to go and watch Time Attack there, I had a quick look on Google to see if there were any events happening locally. […]

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Japfest 2019

Held at Silverstone (home of the British GP, amongst numerous other events), Japfest took place on the Sunday just gone. As the UK’s largest Japanese-only car show, there is a real array of styles to take in, with everything from competition drift cars to stance builds, circuit cars and slightly […]

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STL P10 Primera

Stay Healthy, Drive Fun Cars Regularly

If you have an especially active mind, the summer months can prove to be both enjoyable and mentally tough in equal measure. The constant feeling that you should be doing something more active and outdoorsy with your time as opposed to the tasks and projects that you need to focus […]

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Suzuki Jimny Lift Kit High Bridge First


During my visit to Tokyo Auto Salon 2019, one thing became immediately apparent: the new Suzuki Jimny was the star of the show, with aftermarket companies rushing to push parts for this new model into production to meet immediate demand. As a result of this demand, I have now decided […]

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Sightseeing at RWB HQ

This latest post from my previous Japan trip is breaking up the chronological order somewhat (I still need to post my photos from Tokyo Auto Salon and a visit to Liberty Walk) but I just really wanted to get these photos online.

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Rhys E30

Rhys’ E30

Rhys just popped by the office in his BMW E30 to collect a few t-shirts and stickers so I grabbed a few quick photos of his ride.

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