There are many coilover brands to choose from nowadays, each one promising more features and advantages than the last. Rather than trying to cover every possible base, 326POWER have designed and developed their Chakuriki coilovers with one goal in mind: to provide a truly custom coilover suspension service, where no two kits are the same and all kits are built to the customer's exact requirements. Whether you're driving a slammed show car with aggressive wheel fitment or a high powered drift car, 326POWER can cater for your needs.

Thanks to countless hours of R&D by legendary D1GP driver and 326POWER CEO Mitsuru Haruguchi, each Chakuriki coilover kit offers levels of customisation and personalisation far beyond those found on any other coilovers.

All 326POWER coilover kits are made-to-order and are assembled by hand in Japan to meet your required specifications.

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