As I’m about to click “Publish”on this post, I’ve just realised I never wrote an introduction post regarding this particular car and how it ended up in the STL! line-up. Needless to say, I’ll save that for another time but, for now, here are some photos that Laurie Southern shot of the STL! S205 Mercedes C-Class in Manchester a few nights ago.

This is now the second look for the C-Class, the first one being wildly more distinctive, yet less subtle and classy.

The S205 is now running s.d.f front and rear aero package to add some depth to the bumpers.

Ride height is taken care of by a set of 326POWER UK Chakuriki coilovers.

The wheels are RAYS VARIANCE VERSUS 5.2S 20″ items, finished in s.d.f’s special edition Diamond Mirror Cut + Bronze colourway.

I’ll be sure to post up some photos soon, along with a full explanation of the car’s coming-to-be and the first look that it sported.



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