Our LED Tail Lights have been one of our most popular products ever since we released them back in 2019. They can now be found fitted to thousands of 2018+ Suzuki Jimnys all around the world!


Tail Light Specification (RHD/LHD/NO FOG)

The tail lights on Jimnys sold around the globe vary depending on the country and region that they are sold in.  In the UK and the rest of Europe, the Jimny is equipped with a rear fog light; this can easily be spotted as the original tail lights will both look slightly different (one will feature an additional "red square", which is the fog light).

On Jimnys sold in countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Japan, a rear fog light is not supplied. These models are identifiable because both rear tail lights will look the same (the Jimny will have two reverse lights, one on each side).

When ordering our LED Tail Lights, it is essential that you choose which specification you require.

RHD (right-hand drive) = steering wheel on the right-hand side of the car.

LHD (left-hand drive) = steering wheel on the left-hand side of the car.

Specification Example Countries
RHD with Rear Fog Light UK, Cyprus, Malta
LHD with Rear Fog Light rest of EU (France, Germany, Spain etc.), UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan
No Rear Fog Light Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, South Africa, Philippines, Japan, Brazil

Indicator Mode

When installing the LED Tail Lights, you can choose between a regular or a sequential indicator mode. This is controlled by the small switch on the rear side of each tail light unit. It is best to choose your preferred setting before installing the Tail Lights.

Indicator Switch Position Indicator Mode
On Sequential
Off Regular flashing

LED Resistor

On 2018+ Suzuki Jimnys that are fitted with halogen headlights from factory, it is necessary to connect an electrical resistor to the two reverse light wires that protrude from the rear bumper, before they reach the bulb holder. The resistor can then be fed through the wiring hole in the rear bumper and subsequently attached to the inner side of the rear bumper using the pre-installed double-sided tape.

When ordering your LED Tail Lights, please select which Jimny model you have. This helps us to decide whether an electrical resistor should be supplied with your order or not.

2018+ Suzuki Jimny Type Electrical Resistor Required?
SZ5 (4-seater with LED headlights) No
SZ4 (4-seater with halogen headlights) Yes
LCV (2-seater with halogen headlights) Yes

If you do not install the supplied electrical resistor on your SZ4 or LCV Jimny, your dashboard will be illuminated with an orange "collision warning" error message. Similarly, if the electrical resistor is not installed properly, the same error message will be displayed. You can view a guide showing how to install the supplied electrical resistor in the video below.


Both the left and right LED Tail Light lenses have an E-mark imprinted into them. This is to ensure conformity in countries and regions that require such markings to be present, such as Europe. In addition, we can supply the respective E-mark certificate to any customers who request it from us, in case they need it for the car's annual inspection (this is typically the case in Germany, Austria and a few other countries).


The E-mark can be found in the bottom right (of the left-side tail light) and in the bottom left (of the right-side tail light) of the tail lights respectively. The markings are quite small and, in dim or dark lighting, will require additional lighting in order to read them.

June 24, 2024 — Ali Graham