Many of our customers want to improve the suspension performance of their 2018+ Suzuki Jimny, without lifting the car. The best way to do this is by changing the shock absorbers.

Our most popular solution is our JimnyStyle Extended Bilstein Shock Absorbers. These can be used in conjunction with the standard springs and shock absorbers, meaning the installation is straightforward. Many of our customers choose to go down this route.

While the original Suzuki suspension is very soft and allows for a lot of body roll, it is also very harsh and easily unsettled in corners, especially if you hit a bump mid-corner. Replacing the original shock absorbers with these Bilstein units will make the ride firmer at lower speeds, but body roll at higher speeds will be greatly reduced and you will have much more confidence when driving on faster roads. The car will also be much less unsettled when hitting bumps or undulations mid-corner.

Should you wish to lift your Jimny in the future, these shock absorbers are compatible with springs up to 40mm longer than the standard items. Please note: we advise fitting extended brake lines when using springs more than 20mm longer than the standard items.

JimnyStyle Extended Bilstein Shock Absorbers
June 24, 2024 — Ali Graham