If you're a newcomer to the world of modifying and customising Suzuki Jimnys, browsing the wide range of products on our shop can be quite daunting!

There are so many parts to choose from, but where should you start? In this quick and easy modifying guide, we'll cover some of the most popular modifications and frequently asked questions.

The new Suzuki Jimny (2018+, or commonly referred to as "JB74", which is the chassis code for the model found in all countries outside of Japan) is one of the easiest cars that you could wish to modify. Not only is it extremely simple to work on compared to the vast majority of modern cars, there's an endless array of aftermarket parts available for you to choose from.


Changing the wheels on any car is a guaranteed way to stand out from the rest. This is no exception with the new Jimny!


The Jimny's wheel PCD (the wheel nut/stud pattern) of 5x139.7 has remained unchanged for decades, so wheel designs that were compatible with older models can also be used on the new Jimny! However, it's worth noting that the new Jimny is a lot wider than its predecessors, which is why wheels to suit the new JB74 model are offered in wider specifications.

There are a few key phrases when it comes to aftermarket wheels, such as the diameter, width, offset and PCD. However, to keep things simple, on all of the wheels listed on our shop we have designated which Jimny model a particular wheel specification is designed for. If you see the "for JB74" notation, it means that wheel specification has been designed specifically to suit the 2018+ JB74 Jimny.


Tyres are a hotly debated subject and the type of tyre that you choose should completely depend on your local driving conditions and how you intend to use your Jimny. For example, all terrain/mud tyres are heavy and will reduce your fuel economy, but the trade-off is that they look great!

For 16x5.5J and 16x6.0J wheels, we generally recommend a 215/70R16 tyre size. This offers a great look without causing clearance issues with your Jimny's suspension or bodywork, regardless of if it is using the standard suspension or if you have fitted a suspension lift kit. We don't currently offer tyres in our shop, but we hope to do so very soon.

Our favourite wheel and tyre combination is 16x6.0J-5 wheels with 215/70R16 tyres, which is what you can see on our Jimny in the picture above. For most 15" aftermarket wheels, you should be able to re-use the original factory tyres supplied on your Jimny.

Pictured: STL HIGH PEAK J-01 16x6.0J-5 wheels.



In standard form, the new Jimny's suspension really is quite poor. While it is too soft to tackle fast country roads with confidence, it is also incredibly harsh over bumps and ruts in the road.


"Lifting" a Jimny is very popular; by raising the body of the car using aftermarket suspension kits the Jimny can gain a much more purposeful stance, while also offering improved off-road capabilities and performance.

Some lift kits are designed purely with off-road performance in mind, while others have been created to improve both aesthetics and comfort for general road use. Our JIMNYSTYLE Suspension Lift Kit has been designed for the latter, especially suited to those covering thousands of miles on normal roads while enjoying trips off-road when the mood strikes.

Pictured: JIMNYSTYLE Suspension Lift Kit.



For many of our customers, their first sighting of a new Jimny online was more than likely a highly modified example with a full body work conversion installed, such as those designed to transform the diminutive Jimny into a miniature Mercedes G Class or classic Land Rover Defender.

While we do offer these conversion packages in our shop, for the majority of our customers they are very expensive and labour-intensive. Not to worry though; there are plenty of other exterior products that can be installed within a matter of minutes that will switch up the look of your Jimny for a fraction of the price!


Front grilles are one of the most cost effective and distinctive modifications that you can make. The grilles we have available vary in price depending on the brand but, crucially, all of them are very easy to install, as the standard grille is simply held in place with a selection of plastic clips and screws. Some front grilles can be installed without any painting or prep-work required (such as our Retro Front Grille), while a few others will require painting in order to look their best.

Pictured: Retro Front Grille.


Lighting products are another area where a new Jimny can be upgraded quickly and easily with massive success. While almost all modern cars rely on LEDs for their side and tail lights, the Jimny is wonderfully old school in that it still relies on traditional bulbs. As retro as this might be, LEDs are typically viewed as a safer and more reliable option due to their improved brightness and visibility in low light conditions. 

Both the tail lights and side lights can be switched out for aftermarket units within a matter of minutes; another modification that offers a massive visual improvement for a minimal cost outlay.

Pictured: JIMNYSTYLE LED Tail Lights.



Of all the products ranges we sell, our interior-based products are by far the most popular. Despite the new Jimny's interior being particularly cool and retro, it is definitely lacking in storage space and versatility. 


Fitting aftermarket interior parts can be extremely satisfying, as you will be interacting with the parts at all times during your journeys. From cup holders to storage pockets and carpet sets, we've got it all in our shop and all of these parts are wonderfully quick and easy to install.

Pictured: JIMNYSTYLE Dashboard Storage Tray & Drink Holder.


That just about covers some of the main aspects of modifications for the new Suzuki Jimny. All of the products mentioned above are amongst the most popular items in our shop and we offer worldwide shipping on all items.

As always, if you have any questions at all, please get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

June 19, 2020 — Ali Graham