Front Runner Hella Extension Cord

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Front Runner

Front Runner are a well respected manufacturer of off-roading accessories, prioritising quality, toughness and durability over anything else.

A 3m Hella cord that is used to supply power to your Front Runner LED lights (4"/100mm LED Flood Light w/ Bracket).

The Hella plugs fit securely into any Hella Sockets in your vehicle. 

NOTE: The Hella plug is smaller than the standard 12V cigarette lighter socket. You will need an adapter if your vehicle is not equipped with a Hella socket.

Consists of:
1 x 3m 
2 x Male Hella Connectors

Materials used:
PVC cover
Male Hella Connectors

Red braided outer sleeve
PVC coated inner

Product Dimensions:
3000mm (118.1") L x 24mm (1") W x 24mm (1") H

150g (5.3oz)

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