IPF LED Dual Colour Fog Lamp Bulbs

IPF LED Dual Colour Fog Lamp Bulbs

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IPF are a Japanese company that has been researching, designing and developing automotive lighting products to a high standard since 1946.

Please note: this is the updated F50DFLB version of Dual Colour Fog Lamp Bulbs.

The dual colour fog lamp bulb can be switched between two different lighting temperatures; Bright White (6500K) for a fashionable look at night, and a highly-visible Yellow (2400K) for use during bad weather. Visibility is also improved, as both settings operate at 2500lm. The new-style LED bulb delivers a high level of user-friendliness and convenience. 

White colour LEDs produce a further reaching, wide beam pattern. The yellow LED setting produces a focused light on centre-front.

These modes are switched using the Jimny's factory fog light switch, with no additional wiring or switches required thanks to the supplied microcomputers. By switching the factory fog light switch from OFF to ON twice in succession, the Fog Lamp Bulbs will change colour. Thanks to the microcomputer's on-board memory your chosen lighting mode is saved when the ignition is switched off, making sure that the same mode is enabled when you next start the car.

Supplied as a pair.

Installation instructions can be downloaded here.

Please note: some OEM Suzuki fog light bulb holders utilise different bulb hole diameters. Some minor filing might be required to open up the plastic bulb hole by an additional 1mm or so, to allow the IPF bulbs to slide into place smoothly.

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